Rebuilding Strategy: Part 2

4 months ago Micah Simpkins Comments Off on Rebuilding Strategy: Part 2
Time has passed and you are no longer the armpit of your league, but you’re also not really a playoff contender. You’re in No Man’s Land. This is probably the toughest place to be in fantasy, because you are still losing a considerable amount, but you don’t have as much draft capital to make things better. Worry not, because No Man’s Land is a step that most have to... Read More

Third Year Breakouts and Busts

4 months ago Ellis Johnson Comments Off on Third Year Breakouts and Busts
Wide Receivers Corey Davis It doesn’t seem like this is only Corey Davis’ third year.  The fantasy community has the ideology that he has been in the league for a while and is looked at by most as a dynasty bust.  This is mostly likely due to the expectations that go along with being a Read More

Second Year Wide Receivers

4 months ago Keith Heintschel Comments Off on Second Year Wide Receivers
The last week of preseason is over and it’s time to make some last minute roster decisions. To aid the decision making process, I would like to offer my evaluation of a few of the wide receivers going into their second year in the NFL. Please note that all ADP’s listed are for 1QB leagues, so you can assume 12-24 spots later in superflex or 2QB leagues. Read More

Top Superflex QB Handcuffs

4 months ago Chris Figliuzzi Comments Off on Top Superflex QB Handcuffs
Your fantasy season is always an injury or 2 away from disaster, meaning that you’d better be ready with a replacement when one of your studs goes down. Luckily when you’re QB goes down there very little question about who will be taking over. Here are the top 4 QB handcuffs Read More

Dynasty Cross Section: Todd Gurley

5 months ago Ellis Johnson Comments Off on Dynasty Cross Section: Todd Gurley
If you’re an owner of a team that you believe is primed to win now, I have been analyzing the facts on Gurley, and if it would be worth the price to buy from his current rebuilding owner.  In this article, I am hoping to provide some insight on why Gurley might be the perfect piece to take your team to the fantasy promised land. I understand it is... Read More

Rebuilding Strategy: Part 1

5 months ago Micah Simpkins Comments Off on Rebuilding Strategy: Part 1
This is probably the most gut-wrenching part of the process. You need to sit down and analytically look at your (so-called) team. Most likely, if you’re a cellar dweller, you’re going to have a lot of weaknesses and very few (if any) strengths, but you need to know what they are. This process could shock you; you could be closer to competing than you thought. If that is the... Read More

The Dynasty Aftermath of the Luck Retirement

5 months ago Mike Riordan Comments Off on The Dynasty Aftermath of the Luck Retirement
The hopefully, but not likely temporary retirement of Andrew Luck has hit me pretty hard in the dynasty compartment of my fantasy brain. While luckily, I am not a Colts fan, I drafted Luck in his rookie year in my first ever dynasty startup draft. I have moved on from every single original player left from that team except for the one constant through all the years; Andrew Luck. Read More

4 Undervalued Superflex Quarterbacks

5 months ago Chris Dutton Comments Off on 4 Undervalued Superflex Quarterbacks
I present to you a list of the top undervalued quarterbacks in dynasty superflex leagues. These players are currently ranked in the 13-23 range by the dynasty community, but each could produce as a top-12 quarterback. Having a second quarterback that can put up QB1 numbers in your superflex spot can make the difference between being a contender, or just a pretender. Read More

Rookie Notebook: Preseason Week 1

5 months ago Chris Burton Comments Off on Rookie Notebook: Preseason Week 1
In this article, a number of rookies are discussed in regard to their performance in the first preseason game. Read More