Dynasty Impact: Bracing for a season during a pandemic

Dynasty Impact: Bracing for a season during a pandemic

With the current pandemic, all facets of our lives, including fantasy, are different. The offseason has been less eventful, especially with no rookie camps and OTAs having taken place thus far. As of right now, we will have a football season, but it promises to be very different from anything we have seen in our lifetimes. Dynasty GMs will have many decisions to make that will impact their teams for years to come. What kind of GM will you decide to be? This article details several several options.

The Futurist

The futurist looks at the circumstances and decides that this season, if it even happens, does not matter. Rather than try to play the inevitable Russian roulette of who has the virus from week-to-week, the futurist unloads their old assets to their naive league-mates and looks ahead to 2021. 

Pros: There is a very real possibility that this season could be cancelled, but even if it is not, it will be very difficult for any GM to skillfully play it out. 

Cons: You are giving up on this season and the chance to win the championship.

The Opportunist

This GM has been scouring the headlines, just in case someone’s star player tests positive. He or she will continue to do so the entire season, hoping to make key transactions that will net him or her the championship. Even if the pandemic does not affect the landscape as drastically as most expect, the opportunist will still thrive off of the fear of other GMs.

Pros: You can make transactions that others would only dream of making.

Cons: Everyone in your league won’t like you, and will end up being afraid to trade with you down the road.

The Oblivious

“What virus?” this GM says in response to the league email outlining the league by-laws for this upcoming season. This GM will run their team exactly the same as they had before: occasionally forgetting to set their roster and never checking their trade offers.

Pros: You literally change nothing about the way you play dynasty.

Cons: You are probably perpetually in the bottom three of your league.

The Groundhog

As Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow and flees back into his den, so does this GM see potential peril in this season and completely closes his or herself off from any risk. If a player’s sister’s cousin’s grandmother sneezed, you can bet this GM wants nothing to do with them.

Pros: You will probably not be surprised by anything this season.

Cons: You will not be surprised when you do not make the playoffs.

The Grumbler

This GM has already been on social media telling everyone that 2020 is the new 1347, but when the season begins they will constantly remind everyone that this season is pointless and does not mean anything. He or she will remind the eventual winner that the championship goes with an asterisk (unless, of course, they win.)

Pros: Venting is good for the soul.

Cons: You have carpal tunnel from being a keyboard warrior.

The Champion

This GM, whether by pure luck, skill, or a mixture of both, managed to nab the trophy. ‘Nuff said.

Pros: Duh, winning.

Cons: Your league mates will be jealous.

No matter what kind of GM you decide to be, make sure that you and your leaguemates have fun. Stay safe, and try to have a good 2020 season!