Targets for deep Devy and Campus2Canton leagues

Targets for deep Devy and Campus2Canton leagues

If you’re a GM in a 12 person Devy league, you might only need to know the top 50 college players.  Most leagues run 3-4 Devy spots.  With the explosion of Devy and Campus2Canton, players are now looking beyond the top 50 more frequently.  This article highlights some players beyond the top 50 who are likely available in most Devy and C2C leagues.


#1 – Jack Abraham, Southern Miss: 6’0″ and 204 pounds

Abraham is one of the most accurate quarterbacks in college football as he completed 67.9% of his throws for 3,496 yards.  He also had 77 rush yards with a long of 77 yards.  In 7 games, Abraham had a completion go for over 50 yards.  Abraham moves around the pocket and makes throws to the right receivers with 15 interceptions compared to his 19 touchdowns.  In a C2C league that allows Conference USA, he would be a good pickup late in the draft if you’re stretched in a 2QB situation.  Abraham had both a 37.84 point and 37.12 point week.  There were also three other weeks where he scored over 20 points.  

#2 – Tanner Morgan, Minnesota: 6’2” and 215 pounds

Not quite as deep as Abraham, but Morgan is the quarterback of one of the hottest Devy receivers in 2020. He has a good chance of shaking up the college football world himself.  Morgan had a completion percentage of 66.04% and threw for 3,253 yards in 2019. He had only 7 interceptions compared to his 30 passing touchdowns.  This really shows his accuracy as a passer.  He had a high score of 33.04 points and 3 games of over 20 fantasy points which means he can keep your team in contention if you’re facing bye week problems in C2C leagues.

#3 – Charlie Brewer, Baylor: 6’1” and 206 pounds

Injury concerns push most GMs to stay away from Brewer since most leagues need two good quarterbacks ready at all times.  Still, with a completion percentage of 64.52% and 3,161 yards passing to go with 344 yards on the ground, he can certainly score you points.  He had ten games over 20 fantasy points including a high score of 33.26 which would help just about any team.  He had only 7 interception compared to 21 touchdowns. His longest completion in 2019 went for 78 yards.  

#4 – Brady White, Memphis: 6’3” and 215 pounds

If your C2C league allows you to roster AAC players then you White is a player to roster. He had a 42 point high score to go with five other games over 20 points in 2019.  With a 64.05 % completion percentage, a 33:11 TD:INT ratio, and 4,014 yards there was plenty of production in 2019. Everybody loves Memphis running backs, but White is a redshirt senior and should be able to give you another great season of points.  

Running Backs:

#1 – David Bailey, Boston College: 6’1” and 240 pounds

This year showed that big running backs get drafted.  Bailey ran for 172 yards against Syracuse and 181 yards against NC State as a backup to this year’s #62 overall NFL draft pick, A.J. Dillon.  Bailey had 94 yards receiving on the year. His highest fantasy score of the year was 30.1 points. He also had six games over 10 points.  He averaged 5.7 yards per carry on the year with a long of 74 yards. He really showed some explosiveness in a backup role, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does as the starter this year.

#2 – Caleb Huntley, Ball State: 5’10” and 226 pounds

Huntley had three games over 20 fantasy points and four more over 15 points.  He had seven games where he ran for over 100 yards, but wasn’t much of a receiving threat as he only had 25 yards on the year.  All said, Huntley averaged 5.1 yards per carry while rushing for 12 touchdowns and 1,300 total yards in 2019.  His longest rush of 54 yards is about average for the All-Conference players I tracked.  

#3 – Josh Johnson, ULM: 5’9” and 215 pounds

Johnson had three games over 25 fantasy points and 4 more over 15.  He had seven games over 100 yards rushing and 122 receiving yards for the year.  Johnson averaged 6.5 yards per carry while totaling 11 touchdowns and 1,420 yards in 2019.  His longest rush was 53 yards which came at the end of the year.  He had 26 carries for 126 yards against Florida State which was interesting, and still getting 87 yards against Iowa State means he was able to produce against Power 5 teams.  

#4 –  Javonte Williams, UNC: 5’10” and 215 pounds

Williams is the backup to Michael Carter who is returning in 2020.  I like the height/weight ratio of Williams more than Carter along with the efficiency he shows.  As a sophomore, Williams averaged 5.6 yards per carry and 10.4 yards per catch for totals of 933 rushing and 183 receiving yards.  A good offense at UNC should mean that both produce in 2020 with Mack Brown steering the ship.  Williams had 31 and 25.9 point games, and 5 more games over 10 points in 2019.

#5 – Brenden Knox, Marshall: 6’0″ and 220 pounds

Knox had 5.1 yards per carry and 9.2 yards per catch. Those are pretty strong efficiency stats as he gained 1,387 rushing and 129 receiving yards in 2019.  The 11 total touchdowns made for a high of 36.6 fantasy points while he had four other games over 20 points as well. Knox had seven games over 100 yards rushing including 220 yards against FAU.  His longest rush was 43 yards while his longest reception was 40 yards in 2019.

Wide Receivers:

#1 – CJ Johnson, ECU: 6’2” and 229 pounds

Johnson isn’t as much of a sleeper after having a monster freshmen year.  He racked up 908 yards on 54 receptions for an average of 16.7  per reception.  That is very efficient and hides a huge drop off that occurred towards the end of the year.  A monster 46.3 fantasy points against Cincinnati and a 26.1 point outing against Tulsa were great starts, but he didn’t top 10 points after Sept 28th.  An undisclosed injury might have been an issue along with the length of the college season versus high school.  I like the 3.1 weight/height ratio to go along with the 4.58 forty time.  

#2 – Amari Rodgers, Clemson: 5’10” and 210 pounds

Rodgers is a senior in 2020 who had 14.1 yards per catch as he totaled 426 total yards receiving.  He sticks out for his weight/height ratio of 3.0. Also, the fact that he’s the returning wide receiver with the most yards from 2019 makes him an intriguing prospect.  Quarterback play from Clemson should be top notch in 2020 with the return of Lawrence. Rodgers is expected to return fully healed from a torn ACL which occurred in 2019.  Now that Justyn Ross 

#3 – JaCorey Sullivan, Central Michigan: 6’2” and 220 pounds

Sullivan has another weight/height ratio that sticks out at 2.97 and he runs a 4.5 forty.  26.6 fantasy points was his highest score in 2019, but he also had three other games over 15 fantasy points.  Sullivan had 14.2 yards per catch and 3 touchdowns for a total of 808 yards on the year.  Kalil Pimpleton is also coming back, so his yardage totals might not increase by much, but if you play C2C and can pick the weeks that CMU plays another MAC team then there should be around 20 fantasy points available.  

#4 – Quintin Morris, Bowling Green: 6’4” and 248 pounds

Morris started as a receiver, but has since transitioned to a tight end.  He won second team All-Conference in the MAC as a receiver, but is officially a tight end on the roster.  The 3.26 ratio with a 4.74 forty starts to paint a picture of his place as a tight end at the next level.  His 649 receiving yards to go with a 11.8 yards per catch and a long reception of 59 yards are all positives leading into his next year.  He had two games over 20 fantasy points and two others over 15 points.  He was also the leading receiver for Bowling Green. Morris seems to be falling into the hybrid TE/WR zone as a matchup nightmare.

Tight Ends:

#1 – Kylen Granson, SMU: 6’3” and 235 pounds

Granson also sits in the WR/TE hybrid zone but is listed as a tight end on Fantrax.  He sat out a year after transferring from Rice and exploded with 721 yards receiving in 2019.  A huge 16.8 yards per catch ratio is impressive and SMU looks to have a gunslinger at quarterback that can keep feeding him the ball.  He had 9 touchdowns on the year. He had a high score of 39.7 fantasy points and 9 games over 10 fantasy points total.  

#2 – Trey McBride, Colorado State: 6’4” and 260 pounds

McBride is going into 2020 as a junior after catching 560 yards and 4 touchdowns as a sophomore.  12.4 yards per catch speaks to his efficiency on 45 catches.  He makes strong catches in traffic and likes to stiff arm secondary that goes for his knees after the catch.  His 4.8 forty is middle of the pack for most tight ends, but he moves with purpose in the open field.  A long of 69 yards shows he can take a catch to the house after pushing a player off his legs.  He had a high of 25 fantasy points and 3 other games over 15 points which shows he can be a productive C2C player.  

#3 – Hunter Long, Boston College: 6’5” and 255 pounds. 

Long ran a 4.58 forty and has a long reception of 72 yards.  Only 28 catches for 509 yards gives him 18.2  yard per reception. Boston College isn’t known for throwing it around the yard, but Hunter was the team’s leading receiver for 2019.  He had only 2 touchdowns on the year. His high score of 20.9 fantasy points was nice, but he had only two other games over 10 points.  This can partly be attributed to the offense he plays in. Depending on his run blocking, he should earn a draftable grade. He is definitely a player to keep an eye on as an NFL prospect moving forward.