Top Superflex QB Handcuffs

Top Superflex QB Handcuffs

Your fantasy season is always an injury or 2 away from disaster, meaning that you’d better be ready with a replacement when one of your studs goes down. Luckily when you’re QB goes down there very little question about who will be taking over. Here are the top 4 QB handcuffs


Chad Kelly (Ind)

One of the best lines in the league, combined with one of the best WR cores in the league for an ideal situation for any QB to wonder into. This is the situation that Jacoby Brissett, who was on this same list until Andrew Luck retired, now finds himself in. Jacoby is being given all the opportunity and tools to succeed with the Colts, but you’d better believe that if he struggles early they won’t hesitate to pull him and look at other options. The Colts started the preseason as one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl but with Luck leaving everything changes. Don’t expect the Colts to be patient this year, they have a window to compete and win and if Brissett doesn’t show he can get it done earl expect to see Kelly get a shot. 


Dwayne Haskins (Was)

Let’s be honest, Haskins should probably start the season as #1in Washington. Yes the Redskins traded for Keenum in the offseason, but Haskins has looked like the best QB they have in camp so far. Add to that Keenum’s dismal  performance in Denver last year where he was #37 in red zone completions at 51.4% and #24 in yards per pass attempt at 3.7 and I can’t see Kenum holding the job long if he is given the reigns. Haskins has draft capital as well on his side after being taken with pick 15 earlier this summer, and a young receiver core that looks promising to grow as he does. This year might be a struggle as the young guys look to figure things out, but the future looks bright…oh and they’ll probably be airing it out a ton playing from behind all year.


Ryan Fitzpatrick/Josh Rosen (Mia)

You’d think that as we get deeper into the preseason things would become clearer not more and more murky, yet here we are with still no real answer as to whose starting between Fitz”magic” and Rosen. In all likely hood both QB’s will get a chance to start this season. Fitzpatrick seems like the better QB right now (at least in my opinion), while the Dolphins will undoubtedly want to see what they have in the second year Rosen after giving up pick 62 in the 2019 draft and a 5th rounder next year. Personally between the 2 I’d rather roster Fitzpatrick who’s at least shown flashes of brilliance. Last year in 8 games Fitzpatrick threw for 2366 yards and 17 TD (if you extrapolate this out to a full season he would finish with 4732 yards and 34 TDs) while being number 1 in deep ball completion percent.

Daniel Jones (NYG)

It sounds weird to say about the number 6 pick but Daniel Jones has quietly impressed me and a lot of other people with his preseason play. His throws have been crisp and accurate, while he’s also shown an ability to lead receivers with his throw (something that usually escapes rookies).  The main reason he’s such a nice handcuff this season is Eli. By all accounts Eli looked terrible last year. I won’t bore you with stats about how he was #43 in red zone completions at 47.7%, or only had a true passer rating of 87.9 (#23). All you have to do is look at game tape to see how bad he was, and now he’s a year older and lost his best receiver in OBJ. This Giants team is going to be bad, like really bad so I really wouldn’t look at Jones unless you’re in a rebuild or in desperate need of a body at QB.